Saturday, November 23, 2013

When Did I Become A Soccer Mom?

Ever wonder what to get your soccer coach at the end of the season? Even recreational teams have to consider the contributions of time and energy a coach puts into the kids at practices and games. Keeping in touch with everyone for snack schedules, game times, game cancellations and uniforms is a part-time job for some coaches and so it is with that in mind that the parents on a team should conspire to put something special together to show their appreciation. In seasons past our soccer team always gave a plain gift card to a restaurant but, when I became the team mom, I decided a change was due. 

I collected the donations from each family and told them the gift would be useful. I went to work collecting items that would make a fun small gift basket or goodie mug. I chose a soccer ball shaped mug then filled it with green strips of tissue paper, soccer ball candies, a sunscreen stick, paint pen for labeling equipment and Gatorade chews plus a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart that reads 'Thank You'. Another idea for a filler would be a hand sanitizer pen for braving those crazy park bathrooms- am I right?? Big5 and Sports Authority also carry Quench Gum which is a huge favorite with our family. That could be fun filler in lieu of Soccer Ball candies.

Lastly, I made custom signs with my Epson Inkjet Printer and attached them to skewers to give some height to the display. Simple scotch tape helps keep things together. Another team mom created some cards at home and we had all the kids sign them at a practice. I also made some star & trophy shaped name tags originally for the gift basket outside but they eventually ended up on front of the cards the other mom made. 

With or without a cellophane covering, this gift will be easily remembered as one of the best ever! Thankfully all of the items can be sourced at most grocery stores and are reasonably priced. So for your next Coach Appreciation Gift, I hope this will inspire you to interact with the other parents, get the kids involved and practice a little gratefulness on behalf of your hard-working team leaders.

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