Monday, March 24, 2014

Cow Pokes Party Accessories

Here in Arizona, we get a lot of requests for southwest themes and cowboy or cowgirl items. People love the country feel of horses and bandanas. It's a cute motif and, it's even one we used when our first son was born way back around Y2K! At that time, we didn't have the benefit of the internet in my home and even if we did, internet marketing was not bringing this type of thing to the consumer effectively. In order to find our cowboy themed-baby accessories, we had to shop all around buying up piece by piece the details we loved, and on a budget. It wasn't easy. We picked up a quilt at a yard sale, a poster of Pecos Bill at the Museum of Art in San Diego and we found a full-sized set of sheet from Martha Stewart at Kmart that a friend helped us make into crib sheets with her sewing machine. The only other place we could find any cute cowboy stuff was in expensive home catalogs that we could only dream of ordering from.

Fast forward to today: we now do Graphic design and can add our cowboy themed designs to just about anything you could want. From home decor, to clothing and invitations, we have a suite of designs that are for the cowboy lover in everyone. Our new cowboy themed party accessories are taking Zazzle by storm! Unique designs and cute party schwag to make your shower or birthday pop. Whether a boy or a girl, this set will allow you to invite pals, decorate with: cupcake covers, DIY pennant flags, Western cutouts and even send thank yous with or without a photo. Check out the line at our Cowboy Party Collection at our Zazzle store.

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