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How To Craft A Gold Star Teachers Appreciation Door Poster

So your PTA President hunted you down, laid-in-wait and otherwise ambushed you after school the other day at the student pick-up line to ask you to "pretty please" design and deliver a Teacher's Appreciation Door for a teacher of your choice. "It doesn't have to be your son/daughter's teacher. It can be any teacher!" she cheerfully encouraged you. Though you really had finishing that memory quilt on your plate for the next week, you realized, there wasn't going to be any getting around it. "Sure :) " was your reply. So, now what?

Here is a free to reproduce suggestion for a stunning teacher's appreciation door that will nab you a gold medal (figuratively speaking). You may use these templates to reprint my artwork and add to your poster. 

Supplies You Will Need:
+Blue Kraft Paper in Specified Door Size
+ Envelopes and/or Manilla Envelope
+ Water Based White Glue  (Rubber Cement not recommended)
+ Scrapbook Paper -  The extra stuff you've got laying around is perfect. Green is useful for grass.
+ Cheap Construction Paper- Green is useful for grass.
+ Inkjet Printer, Photo Paper 4X6 and Printable Cardstock OR *access to a photo department in a retailer. 
+ Yarn
+ Buttons
+ 4-6 Hours

Butterflies, bees & mushrooms. Use stickers or print using these templates below. I used scrapbook paper cut to size then fed through my laser printer. Check your printer for paper compatibility if you use this option!!!!

Prep Directions:
1. Use these flower templates to print flowers and leaves for your door. You will make yarn stems to connect them. Cut out flowers and put into an envelope. Set aside.
For 4X6 Paper

For 4X6 Paper

For 11X17 Paper

For 11X17 Paper

2. Use the pennant letter templates below to print up your slogan flags onto 4X6 photo paper. Cut out the triangles and hole punch each in the upper corner. Use a fat marker to write your slogan in the bubbles or buy letter labels and stick on. Put in an envelope. Set aside.

*NOTE: For People Using a Photo Print Service in their local pharmacy or shopping center, upload these templates to their service or save on a thumb drive (USB drive) to take in next time you go. It's not necessarily a cheaper way to go, just an option.

*Additionally, they can be purchased at my Zazzle store here: Teacher Appreciation Collection and shipped to you. They offer expert printing and always have lots of sale codes.

*Yet another option would be to print on regular printer paper and have kids help you color them (Add 2-4 hours more for this option).

3. Optional: Cut out bees, mushrooms & butterflies. Put in envelope and set aside.

Assembly Directions: PUT YOUR GLUE AWAY! Do not glue stuff yet!
1. Lay your kraft paper out on the ground. If it is not cut to size then cut it to size. Recycle scraps.

2. Cut your green 8.5 X 11 construction paper into 3 lengths and fray with scissors. Cut enough to cover the bottom 6 inches of your poster in layers which you will use to nestle flower stems, leaves and other time into. DO NOT glue yet. Arrange along the bottom to start the layout.

3. Grab your pennant envelope and thread your pennants. Arrange your slogan across the poster. DO NOT GLUE YET.

4.  Grab your flower envelope and arrange the flowers and their leaves in an attractive layout working around the space below your pennants. Note, your pennants will droop so plan accordingly if you don't want your flowers to be covered up. You will be gluing the stems to your flowers and their leaves in the last part. Wait to glue. Make sure to cluster some of the flowers at the bottom corners and the bottom of the poster. The weight at the bottom will help it hang nicely.

5. If all looks right and you have allotted enough room for the pennants to drape nicely, then go ahead and take a picture with your camera or cell phone for a reference. This will really help you as you move things around to glue in the next step.

6. After you have taken a reference picture on your cell phone or with your camera: Remove flowers and leaves and set aside in their envelopes or a manilla folder.

GLUING the Assemblage:
1. Starting with the grass, begin gluing the layers of grass. Only glue the bottom of the grass step, leave the frays to be free. You will nestle things behind them.

2. Glue each end of your pennant to the edges of the paper. Use a big button to cover the ends. Glue the button over the top.

3. Leave these items to dry.

4. Begin gluing the flowers to yarn lengths Add their leaves along the "Stem". If the yarn is not sticking to the flower strong enough then use a small square of paper on top of the yarn to add stability. Lay flat to dry.

5. Once the poster with grass and pennants is dry, lift the poster to gauge the droop of the pennant. Carefully lay the poster back down to preserve the pennant's line. Glue the pennant flags down along the natural curve. This will keep the pennant from getting torn off the door during the schooldays while it's displayed. It should stay in place pretty well if you don't overdo the glue.

6. Now your flowers should be dry so go back and arrange them on your poster. Glue down and tuck yarn stem ends into the grass to hide.

7. Begin gluing the flowers at the bottom and around the grass. Nestle into the grass for layered effect. Add buttons to the center of the flowers.

8. Add your optional bees, butterflies and mushrooms around the poster. Fold wings out for dimension.

9. Allow to dry for 1-2 days before delivering. These posters will be stacked and distributed so make sure your glue job is good and dry before turning over to the PTA or door committee. Don't forget to take a picture and post your results online! Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus are fantastic places to show-off!

Please feel free to share these printables and please Like my Facebook Page if you are able. Thanks!

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