Saturday, September 20, 2014

Focus On: Tara McPherson Modern Master

From her post 9/20/14: "Crystal Waterfall artists proof giveaway from Prints On Wood!!! Repost this and tag @printsonwood @taramcpherson #WinCrystalWaterfall Winner announced Tuesday!"

Tara McPherson recently posted a contest to her Facebook page. For people who love Pop Art styles, Low Brow Style & Feminist Art, Tara McPherson is no stranger. Her beautiful paintings regularly make use of pink and sea foam greens and blues. Usually with a female subject & possibly fashioned after Tara herself, fans never tire of her subject's punctuated eyes, deep emotional symbology and dreamy fantasy atmosphere. Though teddy bears and bunnies make appearances, these works are far from naive, employing tons of planning before a brushstroke is even thought of. If you're a fan, be sure to watch her Facebook page for regular updates on her projects. She posts step-by-step catalogs of sketches, mock-ups and her processes. It's a fun, behind-the-scenes romp through her daily working life. 

For more on Tara McPherson please visit my article from a show she participated in:

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