Saturday, January 31, 2015

NEW Custom Fabric On!

As a designer, I find it inspirational to try to design new things and push my boundaries so, when Zazzle  announced they were adding custom print fabric to their popular product lineup, I was jazzed. There are not one but SEVEN different fabrics which can be customized.

The cloth panels you can sample are abounding in designs from modern to classic. Some designers have already created "Trompe L'oeil" patterns that mimic bamboo, leather & even animal skins.  Depending on what your needs for these textiles are, you can choose the texture and content that works best for any given application. 

Available in Swatches, Fat Quarters & Yards, these fabrics are best suited for home decor applications. You can purchase them in 10 yard lengths which is also fantastic for people wishing to market their own fabrics in a boutique setting. The potential implications for entrepreneurs like interior designers and SAHM businesses are huge. Most designers on Zazzle have already been designing products like the wrapping paper which should make the collection grow exponentially in a very short amount of time. 

After perusing the already impressive collection of fabrics, I decided to create a Pinterest Board to showcase some of the stand-outs I came across. Despite the fact that the fabric that they produce is not recommended for children's clothing or infant bedding, many of the designs are quite whimsical. Accent pieces in nurseries would certainly be a great use for them, however. Possibly the best uses for them would be pet bedding, draperies, throw pillows and even pet clothing. I came across a few DIY sewing patterns for pet's clothing as well as plushies

There is no end to what creatives can do with this. Since it's only the beginning, you will need to check back often to see what people have decided to do with it. I expect more DIY patterns very soon. I ordered my sample of Combed Cotton fabric featuring my company logo and will be posting a picture of it when it arrives. Stay Tuned! Or to see more for yourself go to: .

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