Monday, February 23, 2015

Free Bottle Cap Tutorial & Soccer Bottlecap Template

First you may have heard crafters referring to scrapbooking or bow-making supplies called bottlecaps and may be saying to yourself: "What Are Bottlecaps?". Bottle caps are a small setting decoration used in children's jewelry, hair bows and crafts, though some people use them for more avant-grade style arts like shrine building and swap meet style necklaces. Bottlecaps can refer to a real bottle cap that has been turned into a fixture or it can refer to a craft supply that has been made specifically for crafting scrapbook pages. Home crafters use them in many varieties of ways and the possibilities are endless.

One major component of bottle cap crafting is the image that sets down into the bottle cap. How is this made? Usually artists buy a hole punch that is 1"-1.5" in circumference. They punch out a picture from a magazine, cartoon book or postcard then set it down into the upside-down bottle cap using glue or epoxy resin. The bottle cap is then affixed to the craft project making a small "frame" for the picture in the center.

Finding a picture you want to go into the bottle cap is tricky because it has to be small. You may need to resize a picture in order to get it to fit. For this you will need a photo editing software like Photoshop. Use the template above to create a printable page that is a standard 4"x6" size that you can print at home or at your local Photo Center. Need help or want me to design some custom bottle caps for one of your projects? Drop me a line at the following link: Contact Carrie B.

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