Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gildan Brand Shirts: A Review

I have been designing shirts for awhile now. In that time I have learned a lot about the different qualities and companies out there. Gildan brand shirts are a well-known industry leader. They are common in sports attire, work clothing as well as wholesale and retail outlets. Their styles are offered in a variety of cuts:

1.  Adult - This is a men's style. Straight and boxy, it is your standard issue t-shirt with little frills, bells or whistles. Available in a variety of weights. Most colors are available in a size up to 5X.

2.  Ladies - This style is tailored and has a finer ribbed neckline. The width go the neckline's ribbing is thinner than that of the men's style. Offered in junior and adult women's. Most colors available up to 3X.

3. Youth - This is for the elementary sized customer. I would say Kindergarten up to about 6th grade would benefit most from the youth cut of Gildan's offerings. It's only offered in the same square cut as the Adult version. Sized XS-XL

4.  Toddler - Preschool and yonder, this cut covers the in-between size that isn't a baby ion a one-piece nor the Kindergartener. Perfect for the playgroup set of customers. t's only offered in the same square cut as the Adult version.  Size 2T-4T

Most people don't think much about the thread count on their shirts or the density of the fabric but, as a resident of Arizona, I can assure you, it's on the hearts and minds of the populous. Why? In 100+ degree weather, lightweight clothing is a must. What are some of the weights of shirts? I am glad you asked. I will explain each by the amount of light that you can see through it, the texture and the brand.

1. 6 oz - Somewhat Rough In texture, the 6oz shirt is a cost-effective choice as it will last with repeated washings. Not a good choice for artsy designers who want a shirt to have a weathered or worn look. Great utilitarian style. Perfect work or uniform choices. Color Shown: Stone Blue

2. 5.3 oz - Only slightly lighter than the 6oz, it is probably the most common weight in what I do. Available in lots of colors, it gets softer with washings. No pilling. Available in men's and women's styles. Color Shown: Lime

3. 5.6 oz- cotton/poly blend- Sports teams like cotton/poly blends. I do not personally like them. I think the poly blends tend to stain easier and therefore, wear out sooner. I also find the poly blends to pill up sooner. I don't usually recommend this style but sometimes due to color or cut it is unavoidable.

Other brands offer a 4.5 oz weight which I have found to be quite lightweight and the whites in this weight border on see-through. For Modesty;s sake, this weight should be ordered in colors other than white. My clients have opted to not use this weight for sports because of the sheer quality of it. It is however, soft like a rayon blend. If you find a shirt is this thickness, I recommend ordering a sample before committing.

If you need shirts for your team of 30 or for a single gift for someone special, I can help you. Simply drop me a line on my website.  Don't forget to check out my other shirt reviews on my web blog.

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