Sunday, February 22, 2015

How To Choose The Right Tee Shirt

Part of designing a good product for my clients is assistance with choosing the right sizing for their shirts. While the size must ultimately be the decision of the client, there are a few things I try to do to help people make the most informed choice possible. I obtain the manufacturer's chart for the body width, length and shirt length and provide it for their consideration. There are no two people exactly the same and people have concerns about how their tummy will look, how it will fit through their athletic shoulders or if it will be too long for a petite person. These are all valid concerns that should be remedied easily with surveying the three variables I mention above.

Additionally, I am very familiar with how certain brands are cut, how long the materials like cotton vs. a cotton/poly blend will last and whether a youth, ladies or men's fit will work best. My customers expect that the artwork they choose will have a long lasting washability and that their shirt will be flattering and comfortable. I make sure to go the extra mile to order samples and share my personal opinions as well as those of past clients to help make sure you are happy with the final creation. So,  rest assured: when you start a project with me I will see it through to the end with the result being a pleased client who is sure to give fantastic referrals. Get in touch with me today by clicking on this link to begin: Contact Floppy Poppy Gifts.

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