Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review Of Custom Print Combed Cotton Fabric on Zazzle

After much anticipation, I finally received my fabric swatches that I ordered to sample Zazzle new line of custom print fabrics. I had a difficult time choosing from my favorites but I was able to narrow my choices. They came in a timely fashion, all waterproof packaged in light plastic sleeves and labeled with care instructions. The swatches are stitched in the outside to keep them from fraying making them a fine long-term sales tool for my office. The designs were as shown online, closely matching their colors. I was very impressed by the colors and details of each sample. I chose a wide variety if colors and prints to see how small patterns would look. I even chose swatch with my own photos added.

Combed Cotton Custom Fabric on Zazzle

This is one of Zazzle's most economical choices at only $24.95 per yard at most stores (including mine). Overall, it has a smooth feel with a fine weave. The colors are true, but in smaller patterns the detail has a tendency to not be as crisp. Designers should shoot for larger, less busy images if they really want their artwork to sing. Still, there was not bleeding of colors.

After washing, the the fabric kept its size. There were no puckers or shrinkage that I could notice. I did not dry mine but instead opted to press at 350 degrees with heavy pressure on my heat press. The colors remained and there were still some slight creases but, mostly the fabric kept its color and smooth texture. I did not notice fraying.

Admittedly, I am not much of a sewing crafter. If I use fabric it is in small quantity and for decorative purposes. This fabric would be excellent for that and is billed as such. Zazzle leaves no stone unturned in their description of this product and I found their information at to be ├╝ber-informative, accurate and helpful. Don't forget to use their special coupon code for a limited time: 15% off fabric code: INTRO2FABRIC through 2/22/2015).

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