Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Is Graphic Design?

Emoticons made into a repeating pattern.

any of us don't realize it, but we look at the product of a Graphic Designer every day. Thousands of times a day. Everywjere we look are beautiful, eye-catching pieces of artwork that are selling us something, decorating our home and even on our clothing. Without graphic design, we wouldn't have the fabrics and textiles we know today. Graphic design has become so readily available that we can customize just about anything we want to for a reasonable price.

 Graphic design has a fun and artistic side to it. That's the part we at Floppy Poppy Gifts use the most. Clients provide us with sayings, slogans, funny ideas for gifts and we turn them into artwork. Even our team uniforms utilize graphic design in the form of logos, team names and league icons. Why do you as our client need to know these details? Well, you really don't except to know we are here to help you merge the worlds of artistic design and your dreams and manifest them in fun apparel, party wear and anything else you can imagine for customizing your life. Contact us today for help putting together a fun design.

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